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Internet Research Unit collects data from millions of eCommerce brands, translating it into actionable insights bar chart emoji. Our platform helps agencies and app developers find leads rocket emoji, DTC brands in tracking competition and market trends chart with upwards trend icon, and investors in identifying emerging breakout shops boom emoji.

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60M+ products

Product Research

Discover and compare trending products.

In-Depth Analysis

Market Research

Understand market trends and consumer behavior.

In The Know

Competitive Research

Stay ahead of opportunities by tracking competitors.

Essential Tools

Tech Tracker

Identify the apps, tech, and software used on shops.

Discover Trends

Trend Monitoring

Keep track of the latest trends in the market.

Valuable Reports

Investor Insights

Gain valuable insights for informed investments.

Powerful Features

Enter a new phase of cyber exploration.

Google For Tech

Technology Lookup

Identify and analyze the technologies used by various brands to stay ahead in the market.

No Limits

Unlimited Search

Perform unlimited searches to gather comprehensive ecommerce data and insights without any restrictions.

Refine With Precision

Advanced Filters

Utilize advanced filters to refine your searches and get the most relevant lead data for your business.

Supercharged Search

AI Smart Search

Leverage AI-powered search capabilities to easily find the most relevant brands and products.

Drill Down Revenue

Product Revenue Data

Analyze SKU level data to gain detailed insights into specific product performance.

Real Sales Data

Brand Sales Data

Track revenue metrics from different brands to understand which brands are emerging or category leaders.

Monitor Inventory

Inventory Changes

Monitor changes of product inventory at the brand or category level.

Metrics That Matter

Smart Lists

Follow brands, products, and categories to get fresh data on the metrics that matter most.

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